1. Living Theatre

  2. Lifelike

  3. Illegal Moves

  4. Out of the Ether
    The Writhing Squares

  5. Do The Math: 18-3 = 15 Hits From 2018

  6. You Can Get There From Here

  7. Du bist so symmetrisch
    Klaus Johann Grobe

  8. Pink Skies
    Mountain Movers

  9. Peaced and Slightly Pulverized
    David Nance

  10. s/t

  11. Sacracorpa

  12. Nose Picker
    Negative Scanner

  13. Have A Cunning Plan
    The Shifters

  14. Halfway There: A Trouble In Mind 2018 Sampler

  15. Foreign Affairs

  16. Negative Houses

  17. Olden Yolk
    Olden Yolk

  18. II

  19. This Is Glue
    Salad Boys

  20. Edge of Seventeen: a 2017 Trouble In Mind Records Sampler

  21. Head in the Clouds

  22. Multi-task

  23. "Dust On My Eyes" b/w "I Wish I Could Disappear"
    Ultimate Painting

  24. Sandgrown
    Jack Cooper

  25. Pictures of Saint Paul Street
    greg ashley

  26. Another Generation of Slaves
    greg ashley

  27. Mountain Movers
    Mountain Movers

  28. Peace Potato
    Doug Tuttle

  29. RAYS

  30. Chew
    The Paperhead

  31. Sweet Sixteen: Sweet Selections from Trouble In Mind's 2016 Releases!

  32. Dusk
    Ultimate Painting

  33. Around the House
    Chook Race

  34. The Hecks
    The Hecks

  35. Deluxe

  36. Green Lanes
    Ultimate Painting

  37. Ultimate Painting
    Ultimate Painting

  38. Tragic
    Beef Jerk

  39. ALTO! (LP3)

  40. Trouble In Mind Records Presents: Traveling Abroad

  41. Doug Tuttle "It Calls On Me"

  42. It Calls On Me
    Doug Tuttle

  43. Romance Spells Relief
    Stag Party

  44. 14 From 15: The 2015 Trouble In Mind Records label sampler

  45. Negative Scanner
    Negative Scanner

  46. Various Artists: Trouble In Mind Records Presents: Eindhoven 2015

  47. Africa Avenue
    The Paperhead

  48. Looking Forward to Looking Back

  49. Doug Tuttle
    Doug Tuttle

  50. Trouble In Mind's 2013 FALL(out) Sampler

  51. Various Artists: Trouble In Mind Records Presents: Liverpool 2013

  52. And It's Not So Pretty
    The Wrong Words

  53. Trouble In Mind's Stax-O-Trax!

  54. The Marble Vanity
    The Marble Vanity

  55. Pictures of Her Demise 7-inch
    The Paperhead

  56. You Can't Step On A Rainbow
    The Marble Vanity

  57. The Paperhead
    The Paperhead


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Chicago, IL record label founded in 2009.

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